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2017中国(青岛) 国际名酒暨进出口食品博览会

2017-01-05 15:35 作者:www.tangjiu.com 我要投搞

    2017中国(青岛)国际名酒暨进出口食品博览会 糖酒 www.tangjiu.com

    2017 China (Qingdao) international wine & import and export food expo.  饮料招商 http://www.tangjiu.com/yinliao

    展览时间:2017年8月18-20日    Exhibition date: Sep 8-10, 2017

白酒招商网 http://www.tangjiu.com/baijiu

    展览场地:青岛国际会展中心    Exhibition space: Qingdao international convention center

饮料招商 http://www.tangjiu.com/yinliao

    主办单位/Organizer:  白酒招商网 www.tangjiu.com

    Trade in international economic and trade promotion service center in shandong
    承办单位/Organizer: 白酒网 http://www.tangjiu.com/baijiu

    Trade in shandong international exhibition co., LTD

红酒招商 http://www.tangjiu.com/hongjiu

    Qingdao trade in international exhibition co., LTD 糖酒 www.tangjiu.com

    Trade exhibition co., LTD in anhui 酒水招商 www.tangjiu.com

    Hefei v-one exhibition co., LTD

饮料招商 http://www.tangjiu.com/yinliao

    Zhongmao international conference and exhibition (jiangsu) co., LTD
宣传推广/Promotion: 食品招商 http://www.tangjiu.com/shipin

    Shandong Gordon international culture media co., LTD

食品招商 http://www.tangjiu.com/shipin

    【邀请函/The invitation 】

啤酒网 http://www.tangjiu.com/pijiu

   【展会背景/The exhibition background】 糖酒 www.tangjiu.com

    青岛市,又被誉为“东方瑞士”,地处山东半岛东南部沿海,隔海与朝鲜半岛相望。是山东省经济中心城市,计划单列市、副省级城市、全国首批沿海开放城市,世界啤酒之城、是国务院批准的山东半岛蓝色经济区规划核心区域龙头城市。青岛拥有国际性海港和区域性枢纽空港,有一个国家级新区(青岛西海岸新区),经济总量紧排上海浦东新区和天津滨海新区之后,位列第三。 2016年4月25日,《第一财经周刊》发布了新的中国城市分级排名榜单,这份榜单里青岛被定义为一线城市。是繁华的国际现代都市和举世闻名的风景旅游、度假避暑胜地。

调味品网 http://www.tangjiu.com/tiaoweipin

    Qingdao, known as the "Oriental Switzerland" again, is located in the shandong peninsula in southeastern coastal, on the other side of the sea and the Korean peninsula. Is the economic center city in shandong province and cities under separate state planning, deputy provincial city, the national first batch of coastal open cities, the city of beer in the world, is the shandong peninsula blue economic zone approved by the state council leading urban planning the core area. Qingdao international harbor and regional hub airport, there is a new city (the west coast of Qingdao, new city) at the national level, economy tight line of Shanghai pudong new area and tianjin binhai new area, the third. On April 25, 2016, the China Business Weekly magazine released a new Chinese city classification ranking list, the list is defined as a line in Qingdao city. Is a prosperous international modern city and the famous scenery tourism, vacation, summer resort. 酒招商网 www.tangjiu.com


酒代理 www.tangjiu.com

    Qingdao port was founded in 1892, is a country with 119 years of history oversize port. Mainly engaged in all kinds of import and export of goods loading and unloading, storage, transit, distribution and other logistics service and international domestic passenger services, and the world more than 450 ports in over 130 countries and regions. Qingdao qianwan bonded port area established in jiaozhou bay west bank, planning area of 9.72 square kilometers, is the only company in accordance with the requirements of the "functional integration, superposition of policy", in the bonded area, bonded logistics park and the adjacent port integration transformation and upgrading of formation of the bonded port area. A combination of all three functions and policy, and realize the port area, port bonded area do not have other functions.

酒水网 www.tangjiu.com

    近年来,进口食品行业在我国发展迅猛。据国家统计局研究资料显示,目前我国的进口食品的年销售额已经过千亿,并以每年15%的速度增长,预计到2018年将高达4800亿,中国将成为全球最大的进口食品消费国。进口食品在国内市场的迅速发展并非偶然,在食品本身的特性上,他们品种丰富,质量优秀,口感有异域风情,容易受到追捧,面对国产食品不断出现质量安全事故,消费者有意愿转向进口食品,而对于进口商和经销商来说,他们的利润空间很高,具有很强的吸引力。 食品招商 http://www.tangjiu.com/shipin

    In recent years, the imported food industry developing rapidly in our country. According to the national bureau of statistics research data shows, at present our country imported food sales has after billions of years, and is growing at 15% a year, is expected to be up to 480 billion in 2018, China will become the world's largest consumer of imported food. Imported foods in the rapid development of the domestic market is not an accident, on the characteristics of the food itself, they are rich in variety, excellent quality, taste have different region amorous feelings, easy to popular, in the face of domestic food appear constantly quality safety accident, consumers are willing to import food, and for importers and distributors, their profit space is very high, has a strong appeal. 白酒代理 www.tangjiu.com

    中贸国际每年在各地举办30余场大型博览会,现已成功组织几百余在全国颇具影响的大型博览会。食品类展会每年在国内各省市举办12场以上,其中在济南举办已有10届的“全国食品博览会”,在合肥举办已经有13届的“安徽糖酒食品交易会”,在南京举办的“南京糖酒食品交易会”,在南昌举办的“江西糖酒食品交易会”,在山东乐陵举办的“乐陵枣博会”等多个大型活动。中贸国际拥有6万余家忠实的参展商,300万多家经销商、采购商数据资源,在举办食品类展会上有着庞大的资源和办展优势。 白酒 www.tangjiu.com


酒代理 www.tangjiu.com

   Such a huge business opportunity is to support the 2017 China (Qingdao) international wine and food import and export fair (CIWFE) do the basis of the national exhibition. 糖酒网 www.tangjiu.com

    【2017CIWFE优势/CIWFE 2017 advantage】

酒水招商 www.tangjiu.com

    (一)为什么是青岛/why is Qingdao:

啤酒网 http://www.tangjiu.com/pijiu

    1、山东是中国最大食品消费市场和中国最大食品生产基地之一、山东——世界级的轻重工业制造工厂、中国最大的食品医药化工产业基地 、环渤海经济圈最大的经济体; 酒水招商网 www.tangjiu.com

    Shandong province is China's largest food consumption market and one of the biggest food production base in China, shandong, the weight of the world class manufacturing factories, China's largest food medicine, chemical industry base, the largest economy in the bohai economic circle;

糖酒网 www.tangjiu.com

    2、青岛— 中日韩贸易合作区、环渤海经济区副中心、最具活力的国家级创业型城市. 糖酒 www.tangjiu.com

    Qingdao, China, Japan and South Korea and trade cooperation zones, vice center link bohai sea economic zone, the most dynamic national entrepreneurial city

糖酒 www.tangjiu.com

    3、产业集群—全国最大的海洋食品产业集群、全国最大食用农副产品产业集群、全国最大产量的肉类基地、 全国最大的果蔬生产基地、全国最大的食用菌产业基地、全国最大的医药兽药原料药产业集群;

白酒招商 http://www.tangjiu.com/baijiu

    Industry cluster - the nation's largest Marine food industrial clusters, the largest consumption of agricultural and sideline products industry cluster, the meat of the nation's largest production base, the country's largest fruit and vegetable production base, the nation's largest edible fungus industry base, the country's largest pharmaceutical veterinary API industry cluster;

白酒招商网 www.tangjiu.com

    The most: (sea of shandong traffic advantages in China: Qingdao port, rizhao port, port, major, the Yellow River, the grand canal through shandong; highway: the most complete high-speed Internet coverage of the provinces in China, shandong provinces and cities of 26 national highway through the shandong; airport: have jinan, Qingdao, weihai, yantai, weifang, linyi, jining and other large international airport; the high-speed rail: have the beijing-shanghai high-speed railway every ten minutes a trip through the shandong). 白酒代理 www.tangjiu.com

    (二)为什么是8月18日/Why is August 8:

白酒招商网 http://www.tangjiu.com/baijiu


白酒招商网 www.tangjiu.com

    After August, enterprises must advance in the original sales plan to perform on the node on a comb again, this is not only for the first half of the sales summary, especially for the second half of the year, Spring Festival, Mid-Autumn festival this two key season impulse decision. The choice of September, decided to sales of the whole year! Is also a time for dealers to get ready for the second half of the product!

白酒招商 www.tangjiu.com

    (三)为什么来参展/Why to show: 白酒 www.tangjiu.com

    1、反哺式招观:观众全部免费住宿,山东省周边省市500公里境内全用大巴免费接到会场,这是中国首创,组委会投巨资打造2017 CIWFE。誓打造中国效果最好的展会。 白酒网 http://www.tangjiu.com/baijiu

    The concept of feedback type recruit: audience all free accommodation, peripheral provinces and cities in shandong province in 500 kilometers by bus all free from the meeting, this is the first in China, the brand CIWFE 2017 organizing committee. Make China the best exhibition effect.

酒水网 www.tangjiu.com

    2、深耕细作 近悦远来:2017CIWFE承办单位中贸国际经过十五年的年的深耕细作,我们拥有成熟的办展经验和6万家忠实参展商以及300万买家数据库,让参展企业效果有保证。 葡萄酒网 http://www.tangjiu.com/hongjiu

    High-value, Its shores: 2017 ciwfe organiser zhongmao international after fifteen years of years of high-value, we have a mature experience in exhibition and 6 m loyal exhibitors and buyers 3 million database, make enterprises effect is guaranteed.
    【展示内容/The exhibition content】

糖酒 www.tangjiu.com

    (一)国内企业展区/Domestic enterprises exhibition area 饮料网 http://www.tangjiu.com/yinliao

    白酒、葡萄酒、啤酒、功能酒;Liquor, wine, beer, wine;

食品网 http://www.tangjiu.com/shipin

    各种食品、饮料、生物食品、乳制品、烘焙、糖果糕点等    All kinds of food, beverage, food, meat products, dairy products, baking, candy, cakes, etc 酒网 www.tangjiu.com

    (二)国际企业展区:International business exhibition area:

白酒招商 http://www.tangjiu.com/baijiu

Imported wine, liquor, beer,imported food, beverage, dairy products, etc

调味品网 http://www.tangjiu.com/tiaoweipin

    【观众来源/Source of the audience】

白酒招商 www.tangjiu.com


糖酒网 www.tangjiu.com


糖酒招商 http://agent.tangjiu.com


食品网 http://www.tangjiu.com/shipin


茶叶网 http://www.tangjiu.com/chaye


红酒招商 http://www.tangjiu.com/hongjiu


糖酒招商 http://agent.tangjiu.com

    1, circulation field: beverage, non-staple food wholesale traders, distributors, retailers, importers, franchisees, electronic retailing, etc.

调味品网 http://www.tangjiu.com/tiaoweipin

    2, purchaser: large domestic various provinces and cities, department stores, star hotels, upscale dining establishments, hotels, clubs, bars, cafes, clubs, restaurant chains and chain hotels, duty-free operator, stores, convenience stores, etc. 饮料网 http://www.tangjiu.com/yinliao

    3, group-buying business: agency units all over the country provinces and cities, large group, commercial real estate, restaurants, retailers, etc.

白酒 www.tangjiu.com

    4, investors: wine collectors, wine lovers, upscale clubs, and advance into sugar and wine industry investors.

葡萄酒招商 http://www.tangjiu.com/hongjiu

    5, international traders: rum food overseas international traders, buyers, importers and exporters, cross-border electrical contractor. 葡萄酒网 http://www.tangjiu.com/hongjiu

    6, Media:association director unit, wine food association of provinces and cities, media and media. 酒代理 www.tangjiu.com

    【宣传推广】 糖酒网 www.tangjiu.com

    2、通过国内各大专业展会宣传,如:上海、广州、深圳、成都、北京等展会,大量派发邀请函、门票、展讯、激发买方的兴趣,形成全方位、轰炸式宣传。 酒招商 www.tangjiu.com


饮料网 http://www.tangjiu.com/yinliao

    5、国内及国际性权威专业的刊物上连续刊登大会广告,并做专题报道例:将在中国食品报、中国食品质量报、中国食品导报、《中国食品工业》等30多家刊物上作大量宣传。  葡萄酒招商 http://www.tangjiu.com/hongjiu

    7、通过大量红色请柬,特邀全国各省市相关协会、学会、政府管理机构及科研院所的领导及工程师技术人员组织组团等到会观摩。 白酒招商 http://www.tangjiu.com/baijiu

    8、在国内大众性及专业报纸及电视台上连续刊登广告以及辐射全国的专业媒体上做展会宣传报道,由临近会期一个月连续发布展会信息并做专题报到。 葡萄酒招商 http://www.tangjiu.com/hongjiu


食品网 http://www.tangjiu.com/shipin


白酒招商网 http://www.tangjiu.com/baijiu

    CIWFE组委会/The organizing committee of the CIWFE: 葡萄酒招商 http://www.tangjiu.com/hongjiu

    联系我们/Contact Us 白酒招商网 http://www.tangjiu.com/baijiu

    青岛中贸国际展览有限公司 酒水招商网 www.tangjiu.com


白酒招商 http://www.tangjiu.com/baijiu


白酒招商网 www.tangjiu.com


啤酒网 http://www.tangjiu.com/pijiu

    电话/Tel:0086-531-82350000 饮料网 http://www.tangjiu.com/yinliao

    传真/Fax:0086-531-88927900 糖酒 www.tangjiu.com

白酒招商网 http://www.tangjiu.com/baijiu



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